Expert Interview Series: Alex and Cassie Michael of The Thrifty Couple On Personal Debt Management

Alex and Cassie Michael are known as The Thrifty Couple, and they started the site to provide creative tips and financial resources to encourage families and couples to become debt-free and to be good stewards of their money. We caught up with Alex and Cassie to hear their thoughts on debt management, major purchases, […]

Expert Interview Series: Robert Schrader of Leave Your Daily Hell About Traveling Smarter

Robert Schrader is a writer, photographer, world traveler and creator of the award-winning travel blog Leave Your Daily Hell. When he’s not out exploring the planet, he resides in beautiful Austin, Texas. We managed to catch up with Robert to hear about some of his travels, and to learn how to incorporate credit cards (and […]

Expert Interview Series: Jacob Lumby of Cash Cow Couple on Using Credit

Jacob teaches more than 80,000 monthly readers how to build lasting wealth and secure financial freedom on his site, He is a Ph.D. candidate in financial planning, and has completed the CFP® exam. We recently checked in with Jacob to learn more about his philosophy on personal finance and find out how he uses […]

The Stats of Credit Scores: Where Do You Fall?

So, you know your credit score. But do you know how your credit score stacks up with your peers? How about against your parents? Or even the rest of the country? Where do you rank when it comes to credit score? Let’s find out! No one is perfect, especially when it comes to credit and […]

Priority Credit Card Purchases: Top 4 Things to ALWAYS Buy with a Credit Card

Credit cards certainly make purchasing anything a breeze, but there is a hierarchy to what you should be using your plastic for. We want to present to you the top four things to ALWAYS buy with your credit cards and the benefits of doing so.     1. Travel Expenses This is probably the most […]

Savings Tips for Back-To-School Shopping

We are transitioning from one “S” season to another; Summer is about to roll over into the school year! As temperatures cool, back-to-school shopping is heating up. And if your child is one of the over 50 million returning to school in the fall, this is an expense you’ll be getting (re)acquainted with quite soon. […]

Put Down the Plastic! 3 Items You Should NOT Purchase with Credit Cards

We all love having conveniences in our lives, right? Especially when it comes to spending. That’s one of the main reasons we love having credit cards; there is no easier way to pay for necessary, and sometimes unnecessary, purchases. But just because you CAN buy everything with credit cards doesn’t mean you SHOULD (your credit […]

Considering Credit when House Hunting: How to Prep for Your First Home

When it comes to purchasing your first home, there are so many stresses to deal with. First is finding the right home for you, at the right price, in the right area. Then you need to make an offer that is accepted by the seller to go under contract. Then comes the scariest part: the […]

How Credit Score and College Loans Go Hand-in-Hand, Before and After Graduation

We all know the importance of going to college and continuing our education to prep ourselves for the best career to financially support ourselves in adult life. The problem is that to obtain that degree to make money, you have to foot the bill, which can be quite costly, depending on your school of choice. […]

No Such Thing as a Stupid Question: 6 Common Credit Card Inquiries

uL If you’re like us, you’ve been in that situation when someone asks if you have any questions, that you bite your tongue, despite the burning desire to ask, because you feel as if it’ll sound like a “stupid question.” A topic that also seems to create questions that sound like we should already have […]